What is a TrackMan Player Profile?

Each player that has played in front of a TrackMan radar or has had their game scored with the TrackMan scorekeeping application will have a TrackMan Player Profile automatically created in MyTrackMan.  The purpose of these profiles is to allow for a personalized experience when the player profile is viewed by others and for when the owner of the profile is viewing it themselves.


The owner of the profile will have the opportunity to edit many of the fields that are viewable to the public inclusive of:

  • Name to Display
  • Birth Date (not specifically viewable but Age is calculated off this)
  • Height / Weight
  • Throwing / Hitting Handedness
  • High School
  • College (Attended / Attending / Committed To)
  • High School Graduation Year
  • Home Town / State

The owner of the profile will also be able to upload a personal photo of themselves which will appear on their profile page, as well as anywhere else they show up on the site (including box scores, play-by-play, TrackMan Live, and Leaderboards)

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